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We’ve inspected your roof, found damage, & you’ve decided to have NTX tackle the job…What’s Next?

  • Schedule Adjuster Appointment:

    Now that your claim has been filed, you should receive a phone call from your insurance provider to schedule the adjuster appointment.

** From this point on, your go-to responses to any inquiries made by your insurance provider should be,  “I don’t know, please speak to my contractor.” ** 

  • Adjuster Appointment: At the adjuster appointment, a representative of NTX Roofing Solutions will show up on site to make sure the roof gets bought by your insurance provider. If a contractor is not on site during the adjuster appointment, the probability of the roof getting bought goes down drastically. 
  • First Check & Estimate: Once the roof is declared totaled by your insurance provider, they will draft an estimate of the cost of repairs. This is called the “RCV”, or “Replacement Cost Value”. The age of the roof determines the depreciation amount. Depreciation is subtracted from the RCV, then your deductible is subtracted from that amount, and the remaining value of the roof is called the “ACV”, or “Actual Cost Value”. This will be the amount of the first check your insurance provider will issue. 
  • Payment is Made: Once you receive your first check, we will collect that and your deductible at the same time. You will only need to endorse the insurance check, you do NOT need to cash or deposit it. We will deposit these 2 checks into our bank account and schedule your installation.   
  • Installation: Installation typically takes about a day and we will need the proper weather conditions in order to do so. We need there to be no precipitation and for the temperature to be at least 40 during install and for the temperature to hit 60 either later that day or in the next 1-2 days post-install in order to ensure a proper seal on the shingles. 
  • Any Other Trades: Often times a claim will include other trades such as, gutters, window screens, fencing, garage doors, chimney flue cap and chimney crown, etc. We will complete all other trades pertaining to the claim as soon as possible after the roof is installed. 
  • Final Invoice & Check: After we have completed all trades pertaining to the claim, we will submit a final invoice and certificate of completion to your insurance provider, and negotiate any supplemental payments. After we have done this, your insurance provider may confirm with you that the work is done. Check with us prior to confirming this with your insurance provider. When the insurance provider finalizes the claim, they will release the depreciation check and any other amounts due.   
  • Final Payment: When you receive the final payments from your insurance provider, we will collect the final check(s) and close the job out. As with the first check, you do NOT need to do anything with these checks other than endorse them on the back. 
  • Referrals and Reviews: After we have completed your job, if you are completely satisfied, we would ask that you leave us a review on Google and that you share your experience with your friends and family. We will always pay referral fees for any jobs that we install that you referred to us.